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Level Up Your CFB and PC Boiler Performance
before coating

Before Coating

after coating

After Coating By KALOPER

Severe erosion have always been the main problem that is experienced by the CFB Boiler above. Tube leakage happened almost regularly which caused forced outages to the plant. No operation means no production, and no one wants this situation. This used to be the circumstances that must be faced before KALOPER came to the unit.

Together with KALOPER COATING SERVICES, we maintain and overcome problems that may occure on your unit as well as improving its performance.

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We provide not only onsite coating, but also in workshop coating

Not only onsite, we also provide in workshop coating service. Both spraying and preparation process can run parallelly in two different booths, wich can save up more time. We assure that the quality of in workshop process is the same as the ones we do onsite.

Some of satisfactory letters from our customers regarding Boiler Tube Coating

We believe in our qualities. By using KALOPER COATING SERVICES and our maintenance program, we can give you warranty up to 2 years (24 months of oprerational time).


boiler coating tube indonesia

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