PT KajianLogamPersada has a long story with a strong reason when it was established.

Mr. Titus Purba, the founder of this company, was once worked in one of the oil company in East Kalimantan as a Chief Engineer. One day, he got a book on welding wire product. He found that this book contained information about “How to Weld Cast Iron WithoutPreheat.” He continued to read this book until he realized that this book wasn’t only explaining about repair weld products, but also weld products which can save the operation cost by increasing the service life of a component with “Hardfacing Technology”.

Mr. Purba, who was very interested in that book was once in a vacation in Surabaya. There, he found an advertisement from that special welding wire product agency. The advertisement was about job vacancy which required several Mechanical Engineers who have experience in the oil company. Mr. Purba finally had to take his decision. He resigned from his previous job in the oil company and took that new job as an Application Specialist.

Started from the information in that small book, Mr. Purba had a chance to fathom welding technology in New York in 1985. He also got a chance to learn more about Superalloy, Metal Spray, Wearing Component and the other materials which give Life Prolong Factor in Liburdy Gas Turbine Services in the same year in Canada.  In 1986 he created PT Kaloper (PT KajianLogamPersada) based on his experience in Metallurgy.

Kaloper has a lot of successful achievements, and here we put some of our best achievements:

  1. Change of the application of Hardfacing Technology from manual to semi – automatic in PT Semen Padang.
  2. Application of Hardfacing Technology in Indonesia’s Power Plant starting from PLTU (Steam-Electric Power Plant) Surabaya then followed by PLTU Bukit Asam, PLTU Ombilin, PLTU Paiton, PLTU Asam-Asam, private PLTU YTL etc.

It is undeniable that PT Kaloper is the pioneer of Hardfacing Technology in Indonesia’s Power Plant and has done a lot of improvements on basic theory from its origin country, both in preparation and process for better results.

  1. In 2000, we’ve made a proposal about Reverse Engineering Product of Bull Ring Segment, but it was rejected. In 2010, we’re very grateful thatthe door for Reverse Engineering production was finally openedand we had chances which is not only for Bull Ring Segment and Grinding Roll, but we can also produce a complete Journal Shaft with the Grinding Roll, whereas only the Bearing is imported.
  2. We also have done Hardfacing Grinding Ring Segment on site in PLTU Suralaya in 1998, but at that time our performance and working speed weren’t at our best.

With our effort, we’ve finally done on site hardfacingfor Grinding Table in the 3rd and 4th Units of PLTU TanjungJati B with a satisfactory, fast and good result.

PT Kaloper has complete facilities such as:

  • 8 units Automatic Welding for Rebuild and Hardfacing
  • 2 units Hardfacing Overlay Plate Machine
  • 4 units Vertical Lathe Machine
  • 2 units Crane with the capacity of 25 tons
  • 2 units Crane with the capacity of 5 tons
  • 1 unit Hydraulic Jack 300 tons
  • 1 unit CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine with the capacity of 3mm x 9mm
  • 1 unit Roll Plate Machine with the capacity of 25mm
  • 1 unit Bending Machine with the capacity of 32mm
  • 1 unit Bruker Chemical Composition Tester tools (for Reverse Engineering Project)
  • 1 unit Hardness Tester (Brinnel, Vickers, Rockwell)
  • etc